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Milling Tools Program

Speed Pro Carbide Milling Tools are specially engineered to cater to the most demanding applications in the world. Or approach to tool engineering consistently provides complex geometries for your applications.

Our Milling Tools Family

Carbide Flat End Mills
pdf icon FM STAR 45 Hrc ( Flat End Mills )
pdf icon FM STAR 55 Hrc ( Flat End Mills )
pdf icon FM STAR 65 Hrc ( Flat End Mills )
A total range of high performance coated endmills develop for both high speed as well as conventional machines.
Carbide Ball Nose End Mills
pdf icon BM Star 45 Hrc Ball Nose End Mills
pdf icon BM Star 55 Hrc Ball Nose End Mills
pdf icon BM Star 65 Hrc Ball Nose End Mills
An entire range of Ballnose endmills for machining complex grades of die steel and high hardness materials.
Carbide End Mills
pdf icon Micro Star Flat End Mills
pdf icon Micro Star Ball Nose End Mills
A range of micro tools used for milling small cavaties, dies and pcb boards. The size of endmills ranging from 0.2mm onwards
  Corn Star End Mills
pdf icon Corn Star 45 Hrc (Corner Radius End Mills)
Corn Star end mills help you to work at higher efficiency and productivity with the help of high speed & feed rates without comprimising ...
Multi Fluted End Mills
pdf icon Multi Star 65 Hrc (Multi Fluted End mills)
Multi fluted end mills meets challenges for machining extra hard material with superfine finish.
  Carbide End Mills For Aluminum
pdf icon Alustar End Mills For Aluminum
Complete range of high efficiency machining of aluminum allloys.
High Performance End Mills
pdf icon Tristar High Performance End Mills
Ultimate machining of difficult to cut materials like stainless steel, titanium alloys and inconel...
  Toridal End Mills
pdf icon Bull Star (Toridal) End Mills
The new bull star has a particular geometrical feature which reduces wher at the cutting center and increases tool life...
Variable Helix End Mills
pdf icon Varistar (Variable Helix End Mills)
It offers a vibration free machining for difficult to cut materials with the help of variable helix. Reduces step variations
  Super Star End Mills
pdf icon Super Star End Mills
Highly productive for slotting and plunging with the help of 3 fluted superior geometry.
End Mills for Plunging, Slotting and Side Milling
pdf icon Pro Star End Mills
Superior machining of difficult to cut materials for applications like plunging, slotting and side milling
  Heavy Milling End Mills
pdf icon Hulk Star
Incredible heavy milling for general steel to non-ferrous grades and other difficult to cut materials
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